A Lawyer in the Making

  1. The school-mistress was giving her class of young pupils a test in natural
    “Bobby Jones,” she said, “tell me where the elephant is found?” The boy hesitated a moment- then his face lit up.
    “The elephant, teacher,” he said, “is such a large animal it is scarcely ever lost.”
    -From the Rail.

  2. In a case tried in Fall River before Judge Bell, Dr. George L. Walton of Boston appeared as a witness for the defence.

    The Plaintiff claimed that he had been severely injured by a car leaving the rails, and that he had suffered as a result of this injury for over two years, and was still suffering.

    Dr. Watson testified that he had examined the Plaintiff and that in his opinion the symptoms that the Plaintiff complained were within his own control and were not genuine.

    Upon cross-examination Waldo Reed of Fall River took each symptom separately and made each into a question which ended with – “Do you believe that to be a genuine symptom doctor?” and to each question Dr. Walton said “No.”

    The star question was reached and Reed’s voice trembled with emotion as he asked Dr. Walton when pressure was applied to this man’s back between his shoulder blades tears came to his eyes, “do you think this to be a genuine symptom?”
    “No,” said Walton.
    “Dr. Walton, can a man make tears come to his eyes without cause?”
    “Hum,” said Walton, “I have seen lawyers do it in court.”
    -Daily Law Journal cited in 20 Green Bag,431

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