My First Presentation

Yesterday, I went through my first presentation in my English Language Skills class. It was ok. The presentation itself was fine, couldn’t say I was doing an excellent job, just the normal class routine I usually did back home. (In fact hours before the presentation, I was busy browsing reviews for GPS navigation gadgets..he.he..he)

I know what I wanted to do, just needs some convincing by others. So I was hoping the presentation would do just that. The audiences seem interested in it, and actually gave some positive feedbacks. But most of them are not from the family law background, so it’s difficult to say whether I am actually on the right track.

But my tossing around time is almost up, have to keep moving now, hopefully in the right direction, Insya Allah.

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3 Responses to My First Presentation

  1. kak GPS a.k.a mobile GIS utk memudahkan perjalann ke?suami wani download yang pirate je.guna torrent…tomtom namenye save dalam PDA…jimat budget plus sb dah ada PDA n windows mobile..kalu ada budget lebih..beli je yang ori…tapi pirate pun OK je…same je mcm tomtom ori or garmin ori…just for info…hehee

  2. OO yer ker..ala torrent ku lembab. Tak jd beli lah. Pakai buku MELWAY & google map je lah jawabnyer..

  3. kak fadz..torrent tu lembap maksudnye internet line akak tak laju ke ape? hubby kate 2,3 hari ambik…kalu akak leh download…download je…untung…sbb kalu pakai tomtom ni, even ada speed trap pun dia warning awal2 suh slow speed…bagitau ada kamera kat mane etc…insyaAllah takde kene saman selama duduk di sana..hehehe

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