3 months up! The Next Phase

Yup..It has been 3 months. My second official meeting yesterday with my supervisors brought me into my next phase. The conclusions were as follows:

Topic – Checked (but not cemented in concrete)

Conceptual Problem/Premise – Checked (must backed with literature)

Conceptual Significance– Checked (including literature review?)

Method – Still looking, some ideas was to look up models of mediation (must choose based on literature review & detail readings and include them in the interview with key stakeholders) (I remembered there’s one thesis in the library that did a method like that, so must go look it up)

Literature Review – Must include general view of mediation, leading to mediation and mandatory ones.

Issues/themes for literature review:

Why is it that certain communities are not attracted by mediation when it’s voluntary?

Are mediation more successful with certain types of communities or culture? Or is certain types or models of mediation more suitable with some communities and not with others?

Are certain communities much more susceptible to state intervention (authorities/power)? Are they related to certain communities being reactive rather than proactive? How do we know that? Any research to relate them to Malaysia’s community in general?

It’s pertinent to move on now. Simon needs the 2 chapters – background & literature review- before middle of next year. And I need to see Laurie at a more short interval. I have to set a dateline & get cookin…or I’ll be toasted myself.

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