Meeting: Reflections

Just finished my fourth meeting with my supervisor, which last as usual 2 hours. But the things we discussed could have an impression on me for hours afterwards, that is if I chose to ;-)..ha..ha..ha

Alamak! Canne ni. I am sooooo slow. Sampaikan when he asked me “So when should we meet again?” I immediately think mid of January. Alas..he’d say something which have the overall meaning of Don’t you want to get the ball rolling …faster. Which make HIM set the date to be the week after new year. Huawahaaaa, no new year celebrationlah nampaknyer..isk..isk. Well, I don’t deserve one anyway..not yet.

Anyway, today’s meeting is important in the sense that he agreed on what I wanted to do, so I can start writing a more focused literature review. Another point is to always remember that in every sentence you write, every claim you make, there must be a reason for saying so, backed by evidence. Sometimes, the claims needs further warranting and sometimes I need to acknowledge questions, objections and alternatives & response to them with further argument backed by evidence.

It is soooooo meticulous!

Enough said, I think I;ll go back now & eat some Apple Custard Crumble..nyum..nyum.

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