Australian Institute of Family Studies

In line with our studies which involves family law matters, Kak Hidayah suggested that we both dropped by the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS). Unlike most federal bodies or agency in Australia which are situated in Canberra, AIFS is actually located in Melbourne City.

The Institute conducts research and communicate their findings to policy makers, service providers and the broader community about factors that affect family welfare in Australia. They also have a mini library covering almost all the latest issues on family studies in Australia, with some international materials.

We met with Carole who showed us around and assisted us despite the fact that we came without an appointment. We browse the library & the catalogue and were given lots of “freebies” which weighed down on us because we basically have to walk with them around the city.

(Another plus point about AIFS is, it’s located on the highest floor of the building – Level 20,
thus having a nice aerial view of the city.)
Melbourne city is as usual FASCINATING!
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