EndNote X2

After five months, and when it seems that my endnoting activities could not cope with my “article-printing” activities (but not actually manage to read everything, yet), I finally resort to EndNote X2. The previous version X, was rather 90s in its appearance. It’s rather stable, except for its Cite While You Write (CWYW) feature. X2 looks refreshing and it has better features which makes managing my references easier than X.

Nevertheless, one of the problem with me using EndNote is, its inability to use footnotes/notes in almost all its styles output. In law research and writing, footnoting is almost a must. Luckily, Australia has already developed its own legal citation guide (AGLC) and style output to be used with the Endnote software. But you need to rig it yourself (with some basic instructions) to make it work.

I have been looking into it for the past week, and it seems that it’s working and I think I am getting the hang of it. However, in order to speed the software up, I deleted almost all the syles output in the styles folder, except for the ones I think I’m going to use. Furthermore Latrobe Uni provided their students with a free CD of the program for personal use, so I can easily reinstall any of these styles in the future. Once, that’s done, it runs much faster with Word. Imagine, there’s thousands of styles in the program, no wonder it’s so slow.

Anyway, the rule is never to totally rely on the program, it has its flaws. Sometimes the flaws comes from you in entering the data. Another important rule, is always to back it up, in 3 DIFFERENT places (your C drives is not counted as a different place) in both the ens. file and the rtf.file. Print the list of bibliography everyday after you updated it.

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