Good News…Bad News

Good News:

I finally came up with a mock table of contents (TOC) sprawling up to 14 Chapters (Semangat tuh!). It looks kinda impressive [puji diri sendirik, minta maaf lah yer, kawan2.;-)]. Lawrie was very happy with it, though he thought I would have to cut down on some areas. But he believed more is better, so I’ll be able to cut down rather than make up something. With this TOC, I will be able to write with a proper perspective and theme in mind.

My theme would be: Advocating a Caring and Justifiable Dispute Resolution System, a More Balanced Approach in Settling Custody Disputes. So all my writing now will have to build up on this theme, rather than write aimlessly, although I have earlier on chosen an area and topic . There’s a whole lot of differences, between an area, topic and theme (perspective). Can’t explain though…but if you don’t get it, you’ll never be able to finish writing in 3 years.

Bad News

Laurie broke the news today…by making an introductory statement before we initiated the meeting today:
“Please don’t panic…I’m leaving Latrobe come June this year.”
Well, it was easy for him asking me not to panic…my heart was racing like “Viewed” (the horse that won the Melbourne Cup last year), thinking..”O No, I am being abandoned, here!”

“Where to?”
I asked.
“AIFS. They offered me a full time post, there.” (Actually, Lawrie spent twice a week there as a consultant researcher)
Well..maybe not so bad, after all. AIFS is still in Melbourne CITY. He explained how the future arrangement will be. He sounds convincing enough, so it’s kinda relief. I can’t imagine any other situation. Please…everybody else, don’t die on me!
I still feel bad though, such a loss to the uni. Pity how unis nowadays run like a commercial ventures and along the way lose their original aims and objectives and good academicians too.
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2 Responses to Good News…Bad News

  1. wani says:

    hah kak… supervisor akak pindah ke? mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmsounds not good.. tapi nasib baik same city ye.. anywaty tahniah dah ada agreement dgn SV nak wat pe for research.. wani baru je SV bagi tajuk based on simple research question yang wani bagi dalam 3000 words documentation tuh..Meeting next two week.. taktau lagi camne agreement contents research nye.. doakan wani cepat settle confirm framework mcm akak ye.. target bulan 1 ni dah settle research problem.. hmm…

  2. Ok lah tu wani 3000 words tu..Akak pheninlah, rasa cam nak balik mesia, cutiiiiiiii

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