Literature Review

How do you actually do a literature review?
I think it’s not so much about the review that gives me the headache, but arranging where and how I put them in writing in the chapter and linking them together. And knowing myself, I can’t write anything, until I can see the frame of the chapter, the logic of them all, the flow, the overall picture. So I spend lots of time developing a signpost for every chapter so far. I am no expert nor highly philosphical, so pretending I am one and writing like one is out of the question. The least I can do thus, is to put everything in order (at the very least try to), before a proper review is done.
There are lots of advices out there, but at the end of the day, it all depends on what you are researching. Some goes by chronological order, some categories, some themes and some like me who must go on a combination of all three. Tell me about going crazy…and the thing is, this would only be the first draft. I will keep seeing this chapter over & over again throughout 2 more years…talk about wanting to throw up! 😦
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