Academic Coffee (Tea) Session

The ‘Academic Coffee Session’ was actually an idea brought forward by Dr. Mohamed Ali Abdul Rahman, the education attache here in Melbourne for the past 2 years. So when it finally took off with this first session, he was more than pleased. What more this February will be his last month here in Melbourne. His contract ends at the end of the month, and by early March he will be serving his new post back home with the ministry.
Although attendance wise it’s not very encouraging, (it was expected, though) the discussion went very well indeed and all three presenters, Hafilah, Anang & me gets valuable insights from those present, especially Hafilah who is in her second year now. Where as Anang, in his third year is coming up with an excellent new innovation in data processing by networking and waiting for it to be patented soon. Kudos to him!
This event will be a monthly avenues for Malaysian postgraduate sharing their experience in their research endeavours. It’s not formal and not as nerve wrecking as those presentations you did in the unis or conferences. And you can speak in both language, English & Malay. So hopefully, more will join the session in the months to come. There’s always coffee later, but the funny thing is we had tea, instead.;-)

Anang trying to simplify his technical jargons

A Final Momento with Dr Ali [our very own Anil Kapoor;-)]
All the best to him!
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2 Responses to Academic Coffee (Tea) Session

  1. Syah says:

    salam,How I wish if we have this kind of informal event here in Perth.It is a good avenue for researchers to share their thoughts and experience in a not so nerve cracking way..Kudos to you too..

  2. “Nerve cracking”..wa ka..ka..ka.Thanks, mate…

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