Frustrating Search

My articles database search number does not tally today. One of the articles out of 370 of them went missing in the midst of transferring all 370 from the HEINONLINE database to ENDNOTE.
Only ONE! And it cost me hours looking for it. From the library to the office, still na.. da! Still 369 jugak. Ahhh…bosannyer! So I decided against putting them in ENDNOTE to avoid further complications, since I know some of the articles are duplicates of what I already have in the ENDNOTE library. Huwaaa…sakit tengkuk & lenguh jari jemari tekan ‘mouse’ mencari article nan satu tu. Hmmm, nampaknya I have to ‘kelibet’ them one by onelah in order to find it.
Well, I guess that’s just another day in a postgraduate life.
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