A Search with Index

I finally get to meet with Dennis Warren our Law Librarian again, after several days of being in ‘limbo’. The need to backtrack all my articles searches have left me wondering whether I should include a review methodology section at all.
But since I have already started it, so I might as well learn from it and try to make the searches be as systematic, explicit, comprehensive and reproducible as possible.
All this while I have been using either Google Scholar or HEIN. Dennis is not too keen on both of them, simply because one is merely a search engine and another is a database that do not have an index.
So it looks like I have to start over, using databases that have appropriate indexing so that I would not be wasting time being bogged down with hundreds of materials that is basically irrelevant to what I’m doing.
Maybe all this while I have been avoiding Indexes because they look kinda boring in appearance. But with the right technique, they save you a lot of time, actually. That’s one lesson I learn in this Phd journey, perhaps the long way…;-)
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2 Responses to A Search with Index

  1. wani says:

    kak fadz.. jumpa sume ke artikel yg index cerita? lepas dpt kat index, akak search kat google as usual or mcm mane.. hehehe.. xpenah guna punn

  2. Lps dah jumpa baru cari kat Google or HEIN utk full text. Alhamdulillah kebanyakannya jumpa, kena make sure serach term nya betul je lah.

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