Library Training 2009

I continued my library training today. I missed the one from last year because I arrived one month after the semester commenced.
Some might argue what’s the point, you can always learn to find things at the library on your own…Well, I beg to differ though. There’s so much more to learn from the workshops. In fact today I learnt several new things that I didn’t know existed (after 7 months here) in the library homepage.
The Borchardt Library’s collection is marvellous actually. Even if it’s not in their collection, at a few click of some tabs in the library website, you can have any books throughout Australia delivered to you (at the library). The range of databases oo are unlimited. You only need one Id & password, that is your student identification number and you can access all sorts of databases all over the world. The library’s collection and services are a far cry from what I’m used to back home….beyond comparison indeed.
Hmmm….I wonder if I can retain my priviliges once I graduated.
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2 Responses to Library Training 2009

  1. hawani says:

    waa. kak .. wall paper baru.. menarik ! mane dapat?

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