A Change of Heart?

Last few days, I had a change of heart regarding my topic. I fear for the delays I’m going to face dealing with red tapes back home. Everything is “Sulit” somehow, emails left dangling and one off communication doesn’t seem to give you a soothing heart. Ahhhhh…bummer.
So I prayed for a sign, read up here & there. I evaluate my abilities and skills. I ponder on this point & that. And finally I knocked on the doors of my supervisors (or is it the other way around?)
Well, both my supervisors seem to understand what I’m planning on doing. The key question is do I understand what I planned to do? I think I do 😉 I thought I had it all planned (in my head, that is)
So they believed that I should stick to the original plan, then. I just have to brace myself and prepare to accept the fact that bureaucratic issues is part of the research endeavour. Haaaa easy said than ‘faced’…isk..isk..isk. Please God, give me patience, endurance and ‘super-diplomatic’ abilities!
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