Running After Daylight

By 3 am yesterday, daylight saving in Melbourne ended. Besides the obvious fact that now the time difference between Melbourne & Kuala Lumpur is back to 2 hours, it also means that day time is getting shorter and the days are getting colder. With less sunshine and longer nights, the climate of Melbourne’s cooler months will be very harsh indeed, even for Victorian themselves.
That also mean that I have to spent more time at the office trying to warm myself rather than do any solid work. It’s very difficult to type with gloves on and at the same time trying to sit still. I guess I have to book a library carrel throughout winter. My office is quite big & it doesn’t seem to be able to keep the warmth very well. Maybe I should bring a portable heater to work. Victoria really needs to overhaul how they build their building in the future. Most of them are not meant for temperature below 5 degrees. What a dreadful thought…
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2 Responses to Running After Daylight

  1. pearl says:

    ala kak..diorang kan kemain jaga bangunan..nak jadi historical heritage kendian hari..btw..takbestnye, siang singkat… mood malazzz pun bertambahtapi lani siang panjang, tapi jenuh nak tunggu isyak..wuaaaaaaa lamanye nak tungguu! tak best langsungbtw kenape start kul 3 pagi..tak start dari kul 1 pagi..pelik ak?

  2. Tahlah tak sempatlak akak nak buat research…mmg malas pun, sojuk!!!!

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