New Direction

As I arrived today at my supervisor’s office, his door would already be ajar, as always before any meeting appointment, anticipating my arrival. Unlike previous earlier months, I no longer dread the days of my meetings with him. Every time, every meeting would unveil something new. Furthermore, Lawrie is an interesting academician. As with today, as I entered his office, I saw that he had already outlined what he thought of my latest query on his whiteboard, outlining the direction of my content.
It has not caught me by suprise, although I don’t actually anticipate it, but the new direction actually lifted a lot weight off my back or brain to be specific ;-). He advice that I dropped every other jurisdiction in my research and just focus on Australia, learn from their Family Studies experience and address the issue of the viability of adapting the model in Malaysia. Wa..lah! A Comparative Study with a twist. The twist would involve me getting some form of qualitative data from key stakeholders back home.
The best part is I don’t need to rewrite everything, since I could just use the current literature review and expand from there. But now I have a proper ‘containment’ to the whole content and context of the study. Wonderful! Hmmm…if only I could now focus my mind…
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2 Responses to New Direction

  1. Syah says:

    Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah your journey will sail smoothly after this…

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