The Non Depressed Version of Literature Reviewing

I ended the week going to my two usual weekly seminar. All this classes, seminar & talks are a chance of a lifetime. I probably will never get the same opportunity again…listening to all these Caucasian giving their talks ..ha..ha..ha. But seriously, it don’t really matter who gave the talk, or even if it’s the same topic over and over again but given by a different scholar. You’ll be amazed how much different it can make, with a slightly different perspective at a slightly different time during your candidature.

For instance, yesterday’s topic at the Postgraduate Seminar is about “How to Write a Literature Review?” by Dr. Howard Nicholas. It was very insightful. I personally think that of all the talks I have attended on literature review, this one enlighten me the most. I have attached herewith the slides of the talk. Click on it, to see a zoom version. I had actually recorded the talk, but due to copyright and size issues, I don’t think I am able to post it online. If anyone is interested to hear Dr Howard’s talk, please email me & tell me how do I past it around personally. The size is just too big to go through email.

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5 Responses to The Non Depressed Version of Literature Reviewing

  1. Yan says:

    fadz, would you mind email-ing me the slides?

  2. Ok, I’ll Pdf them first.

  3. Syah says:

    Salam Fadz..Ehemm… pdf copies for me as

  4. Nizam Arjuna says:

    Salam.Fadzlina,Found yr blog via Syahrul’s blog list. M currently pursuing phd in international nanotechnology law. Would be grateful if I could have the materials as well. Hope it does’nt cost any trouble. Many thanks!Have a great weekend then.;D Muhammad Nizam AwangLondon, UK

  5. Emma says:

    Hi Fadz,Got your link from Syahrul in Perth. Your blog is very impressive! I always wanted to write a blog, but i'm not a good writer..hehehe…Btw, I'm in the process of doing my LR! Have 3 months to submit complete draft of LR, and i'm not know where to begin. Would you mind at all sending me the slides? I'm at the moment reading "The LR: A step by step guide for Students" by Diana Ridley…and i could use a simplified comprehensive material like the one you posted to you in advance, Fadz!

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