Academic Coffee (Tea) Session – The 3rd

My family & I attended the VMPGA Third Academic Coffee Session today conducted as usual at the Malaysia Hall, starting from 2.15 p.m. to almost 5 p.m. The presenters were:

Rohani Mohamed (Ph.D. Student, University of Melbourne)
Title of thesis – Secondary Mathematic Teachers Assessment Practice

Wan Fauziah Wan Yusof (Ph.D. Student, Victoria University)
Title of thesis – Characteristics of Board of Directors Members, Board Effectiveness & Corporate Governance

Hoo Chiew Ping (Ph.D. Student, La Trobe University)
Title of thesis – The United States and Northeast Asia Security : The Dynamics of Korean Peninsula on Regional Strategic Stability.

Mohd Hanif Yaacob (Ph.D. Student, RMIT)
Title of thesis – Investigation of Nanostructured Tungsten Trioxide for Gas Sensing Application

I am really interested in the first two presenters, Kak Rohani & Kak Wan, because they focused on interviews as one of the methods of data collection. Kak Rohani had just received her green light from her ethics board. She discussed thoroughly the obstacles that she needed to face and the steps she took in order to get the approval.

Kak Wan had recently returned from her data collection in Malaysia. She interviewed all the top managing directors of public listed companies back home. Her data analysis was done in Excel instead of NVivo, very much suitable because her thesis is not exploratory. Well, it actually made her work much easier. She also mentioned some of the issue facing her when trying to get a ‘few’ government officers to be interviewed, such as bureaucracy, lack of response, no response or just being passing around. Hmmm…takutnya!

Most of everyone that attended also discussed on the problem in getting the approval to do research by EPU and what should we expect when applying to them. Hmmm…ngerinya! Semoga aku dapat menghadapinya sebaik mungkin…Insya Allah.

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3 Responses to Academic Coffee (Tea) Session – The 3rd

  1. Syah says:

    Fadz.. bagus la sesi ni..Aku jeles betul laa. Sesi mcm ni yang selalu menaikkan semangat PhD kita ni.Aku nak sugest kat MyPSA kat sini. Tapi, takut dikata HEBAT pulak..padahal aku ni banayak yang tak tahu…

  2. Apa pulak…tulah masalahnya student Phd, tak kiralah Melayu ke tak, selalu nak sorokkan progress @ masalah yg depa encounter. Kan bagus kalau share boleh tolong kwn2 lain. Ala ko suggest jer, pastu bglah contoh, mcm yg kitaorg buat ni. Tupun dulu seksa nak start sebenaarnya.

  3. Emma says:

    Syahrul,Betul kata Fadz tu! Let's make this happening for us here in Perth. I am more than willing to get involved in this. Actually memang seksa nak start because our mentality dh fixed that its going to be like formal thingy! So, semua takut nak present. Not so much of presenting their research, but on sharing their experiences.Thanx FAdz! 😉

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