Pressure Test

Simon was originally not agreeable to my plans, he felt it’s more of a personal drive than professionally motivated. Tu lah susahnya kalau you are too close to your supervisor. Sometimes they can really get on your nerves. Some other times dia boleh membebel like your mother. ha..ha..ha. Anyway, he’s right! But I had good reasons, and now that he knew them all, so he kinda understand & will accomodate the plan officially. Good on him (and for me), for always thinking on all the meticulous intricate details for some of his short-minded student.

But like the ‘Masterchef’ program, I am now left in a pressure test to impress, to prove myself to him. Less than 2 months, and at least 15,000 words. As Bob the Builder always ask “Can we fix it?” ha..ha..ha..By hook or by crook “Yes, we can!” May Allah gives me the patience & intellect to hurry up, Insya Allah.

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3 Responses to Pressure Test

  1. hort minded kak..wani pun kene…. the needing to be critical

  2. OO ni short-minded lebih kpd gopoh dan ikut suke hati jer nak buat apa..he..he..he

  3. Syah says:

    Salam Fadz.Its about your Academic Coffee Session last time.Mohon kongsi format bagaimana ianya dijalankan. Aku dah suggest pada MyPSA di sini dan insyaAllah program ini akan dibuat secara bersiri (1 bulan sekali selama 3 bulan, di 3 uni)Mohon kongsikan di rmysaba@yahoo.comTerima kasih.BTW, ada FB?

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