A Long July

I have been unwell almost the most of June. For a while it was just me, then it was the whole family. Simon at one time was knocking my office door several times a week, only to be told by the rest of the gang that I have not been around for a while. It has taken me some time to explain, what’s with me and my winter blues, and then the whole family and me being humbled by the weather. It was not a pretty sight and sound đŸ˜¦ Only one (of several) kind of reason make sense, and I was sure he was not expecting this particular reason I am giving him. He took it very well, though. And then I am left to proof to him that I can do this regardless.
So then come July…one the longest I’ve felt for in ages. It’s the 15th today and I spent 11 of them at the office, working! A feat I have never been able to establish before, mostly due to Aliyah’s school schedule. I was hoping next year by the time she enrols into formal schooling and us moving out to a new home, there will be some form of order in my weekly schedule.

My two and a half chapters have finally taken shape. Another feat I thought will never materialized. Anyway, Simon brought me back to ground with his meticulous ‘bad cop’ style editing. It will take ages to satisfy him and I admit now that having those chapters is just another long journey towards my PhD. But he knows I am on borrowed time, and I am sure eventually a line needs to be drawn somewhere. ‘The most perfect’ is only ALLAH…and regardless my flight has already been booked. Lompat tikam here I comes…anyone needs an Aussie Fridge magnet?
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2 Responses to A Long July

  1. wani says:

    aiks..ape pasat ending ceta pasal fridge magnet..huhuh.. wani pun start kumpul fridge magnet setiap tempat wani pi bile jalan2 kat sini… hehehe.. best jugak, tengok peti sejuk ada bende2 buat teringat kita gi holiday mane…hehehe

  2. Nak buat souvenir balik Mesia lah wani..tu jer mampu..he..he..he

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