If you want to improve your formal letters writing skills, Malaysia is the place to be. So far I have and ‘need’ to send almost 10 letters of various forms of request and permission, even if some of the people you request to see don’t mind seeing you or some of the documents you requested are not even confidentials.
That does not include thinking of what kinda ‘sweet talk’ sentences you need to include in those letters….Arggghhh it reminds me of SPM all over again! Nasib baik aku lulus dgn jayanya…ha..ha..ha.

It’s a mental exercise, even with templates because you need adjust and edit the contents to suit the person/people you sent the letter to…silap haribulan, you might address them as merely Dato’ instead of Yang Berbahagia Dato’, or worst addressing them as Tuan, instead of Puan (when clearly the person is a she)…isk..isk..isk… I almost did that. Nasib baik perasaan…Ok, back to letter writing activities ;-(
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