Perspective, Hearsay & Context

I am at UKM to get another current perspective of Malaysian family law and the issues affecting it from an academician view, after several attempts to get one from the practitioner met with a deadlock. However, PM NAMA has been working with several committees of the relevant government department, so her views may be a bit generalize, but an accurate generalization of the current situation. Instead of being too ‘right’ or ‘left’, she believes in getting a practical solution to problems based on what is on the plate as much as possible and if it’s impractical suggest a solution that make sense practically and legally.

She stressed on the fact that in establishing the context of the problem, I must not based my argument on hearsay but on proper statistics and if there’s none, conduct my own survey on the current situation. It means more time needed to be spent establishing and proofing the research problem rather than head straight on the solution that I plan on suggesting. 😦

She was right when she said that postgraduate students needed to do some groundwork before embarking on their chosen area/topic and their PhDs. But truth be told, a lot of us, including me, are groping in the dark because my young career background has not exposed me to a lot of contact and network. We have various reason for choosing to do PhD, choosing the area and the topic we ended with. Whatever it is, at the end of the day, we hoped to find some light perhaps the harder way, but finally finding our way …home.

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