One by One

Alhamdulillah, today I received an approval letter from the Chief Registrar of the Federal Court for my request to gain access for interviews and any information/data regarding mediation practice in Malaysian courts generally. Albeit the approval is slightly overdue, since I am already back here in Melbourne, but it’s also very important now for my ethics approval before my full fledge data collection next year (which is 3 months away..huwaaaa!)

So now, one by one I am receiving the cooperation I needed for the study. Insya Allah, the other 2 major government agencies will also give their approval soon. As for the non-government department, similar steps will be taken to get their approval – although they generally love to cooperate even without any official application. But one major issue with them is actually to arrange for a specific time to meet and be interviewed. Perhaps, I have to diversify my interview methods to include phone interview. I have to think about that then…

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