Are you afraid of your own shadow?

After passing my one year mark, I found that in PhD life you are bound to find people who are ‘reluctant’ to share their experiences in their research undertakings. It got even worst, if you are doing something in the same area. Perhaps they are afraid that their ideas will be taken up by others. Well, it’s a genuine fear.
But then again, it is a PhD endeavour. Unless, you copied the thesis word per word (which would be plagiarism anyway), it’s highly unlikely that anyone taking up on your idea would actually produce a thesis as similar as yours. There’s just so many things that needs factoring in, that would make one thesis slightly different or way off different than another, even if you are doing the same area.
Sharing your experiences and a whole lot of useful information actually lift up the spirits of your fellow PhD mates. They know that they are not alone and at least they are heading in the right direction. Sometimes motivational words are not enough, you’d need to have some technical advice so you don’t fall into the same pit that previous candidates did.
I believe in the concept of ‘rezeki’. Perhaps, I faced lots of trouble doing my research, but by sharing with others my experience and warning them against these pitfalls, I maybe easing some of their pathway towards their PhD. What’s wrong with that? And Allah is all knowing. One day, my assistance will come, maybe not in this PhD timeframe, but some other time. Insya Allah šŸ™‚
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3 Responses to Are you afraid of your own shadow?

  1. mulan says:

    Fadz,betul…betul…betul…rasanya kalau SEMUA orang ada konsep sharing ni…beban PhD memang akan berkurang…

  2. Ala Kak Intan…tell me about it..sedih gak kdg2 tu..

  3. Anonymous says:

    aha Pn, ada tu kita mta tgk proposal pun x bagi…hemmmm bukannya kita nk copy n paste pun…nadh

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