Research Postgraduate Festival

My school’s Annual Research Postgraduate Festival was held for a half a day yesterday at the John Scott’s Meeting House in La Trobe University. It was a nice venue, with the main chamber overlooking a small lake/pond, with ducks and the magpie birds peeping at the windows once and awhile :-P, plus the aircondition = wonderful!

Professor Annette Street officiated the program. She stressed on the importance of such program so that we are able to hear what oher people is doing – to learn ‘how they think about their work and why they chose to do it that way’. It’s basically good exercise in sharing and thinking.

It was also something she said that really leaves an impression, at least to me…

“We are here/ paid to be here TO THINK”

Leaves me thinking…”Have I been doing that lately… or have I even try to do some thinking all this while? Am I just ‘doing’ everything like a mechanical contraption? Have I actually learn anything?!”

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