The editing of a chapter can drives anyone crazy, and facing a sv like mine while editing can drives you to the brink of insanity. Sometimes you wonder…is this guy trying to slow you down?! Yes..No..Yes & No…Arghhhh!!

Anyway, all my editing process has been ‘ding-dong belled’ for several times already. For some of them I lost count of which draft version they are. I send them for review, he did it in less than a week, I fixed it, send it back…and walla! he found new ones to fix…and the cycle goes on & on. Even the comas and semicolons and what not will need fixing. Sometimes he’d ask me to incorporate new points, which meant more time and more re-editing. Will I ever finish all of this on time?

Well, at least I proved to him, I can still work up to the last days of my pregnancy. He was rather skeptical based on his past experience with expectant mothers being student. Anyway, soon everybody will be on holiday or holiday mood. The university will be in total shut-down for 2 weeks and in leisure mode up to the end of January, which means an almost zero movement (from others, including all the svs and administrators)….ahhh time flies again! Who wouldn’t be nuts thinking about it.

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