Find & Hold

The Borchardt Library, LTU, is undergoing a major 9.5 m worth of renovation on 2 of its 3 level. And I just found out! Ahhh… and I thought, all the construction signs outside the library stairs are for redeveloping some new shops in the AGORA. The library will soon moves its current entrance from level 2 to level 1, facing the AGORA, in a bit to have more spaces for workstations, incorporate the increased usage of technology and look more contemporary. The library has also moved all of its old books & monographs to an offsite location at Waterdale Road, known as ‘Bundoora Annexe’ and moved all the general collections on level 3 from its current location from one space to another on level 3 itself, depending on where the ongoing constructions are at the time.

Sounds like a whole lot of headache to me. And the best question is how do I find books now? Well, it involves a combination of human contact (& kudrat) & technology, of course. For books still in the library, I have to enquire at the Inquiry/ Loans desk(s) of the library. While for books and journal volumes/issues held at the Bundoora Annexe, I have to find them online, if available in an electronic version or else the hardcopies are available for loan. I just need to request the material for retrieval using the usual ‘hold’ services. The material will be delivered to the requesting library’s “Hold” shelf. The items will normally be retrieved and returned to the “Hold” shelf Bundoora Reserve area within 24 hours for pick up after 1pm. Hmmm…it’s just my luck, then, if can’t find my original source and have to return to the library for them. Well, look at the bright side, I’ll have an almost brand new library…sometime this year 😉

The projected ‘look’ of the new level 1 entrance – once its ready

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