Professional Communication and Interpersonal Skills

This workshop brought me to a journey of self discovery. Always has been an assertive person in communication and stand, my career years in an “Asian” culture organisation has definitely mellowed me. Adding to those years, with the time spent in Australia, striving for a PhD has somewhat ‘make’ it even worst! I am no longer ‘proud’ to be assertive, instead slowly regressing into a passive aggresive kinda person , ouch!

The 3 hour workshop made me rethink of various aspects of my personal and professional life. I assume a lot things, which is dangerous. A good researcher, good worker, good person must not assume, all conclusions must be based on facts not hearsay. My PhD must not be based on mere assumptions. My career must not be sacrificed solely based on hearsay. My life must not hang in the balance of my ‘negative’ preconceptions.
Attending this workshop is not merely in preparation for my next task, it’s a soul searching avenue for me, because in less than 2 years, I’ll be back ‘out there’. May I turn into a better person, worker and researcher, Insya Allah.
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