First Paper…in PhD Life :-))

Alhamdulillah, my paper co-written with Kak Dayah entitled “Child Custody and Maintenance Decisions: A Case Study of Selected High Court Judgments in Malaysia from 1998-2008” was finally submitted last Wednesday, 2 days over the due date. I spent the Easter holiday, 2 of those days with Kak Dayah, completing the final draft. I personally felt that more could be done, but time is a major constraint and I had rather underestimate the resources that I need to finalise the paper. We went with it anyway, since I was given a grant to attend the conference & workshop by the organizer.

Thanks to Kak Dayah for some tips and ideas that sometimes did not cross my mind while rearranging the flow of the whole content. We are now in the midst of drafting the slides in preparation for the presentation in May at the National University Singapore. I will be presenting on behalf of both us. Hopefully we will be able to share & exchange ideas with the paper & the presentation, Insya Allah. Singapore….here I come! 😀
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