ASLI conference started yesterday with a rather broad theme ”Law in a Pluralist Asia: Challenges and Prospects”. The conference’s presentations were divided into several plenary sessions and posters presentations. I think there’s just too many interesting papers running at the same time, it’s simply unfair for participants. I had the chance to sit in the Family & Children plenary session. I felt the time given to presenters was rather limited, imagine 1 hour for 5 papers of different gists and another 30 minutes or so for Q & A. Maybe I am rather naive, but that kind of arrangement defeated the main purpose you presented in the first place – sharing knowledge. I was also suprised that I didn’t meet more familiar faces there, except for several of my former lecturers. Anyway, it was nice to see old friend Sonny, Kak Sham and also Ustaz (Dr.) Naim eventhough it’s just a short chat between them.

The Family & Children Plenary Session

Kak Sham with all her Australian friends ;-D

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