Saving Safely

In the midst of my interviewing activities, I have forgotten to update on my previous post. Anyway, my respondents have now reached 20 plus people. I am actually cringing over the thought that the numbers might reach 30 or even more. Transcription as have been expected is a different story altogether. I am ashamed to admit the numbers of transcription that I have completed (or not completed). What made it more complicated, when some of the interviews were bilingual. This means I have to do a double transcription for each and every one of those interviews. I would rather play with the children than DOING THAT!

To add to those complications, I have issues in arranging and save-keeping orderly and privately the audio files and transcription documents. I recently got the scare of my PhD ‘data collection’ life, when I lost track of one the transcriptions. I finally decided to upload all the files in Google Doc and put a lock & password on it…pheeewww….I now can keep track of the files safely and ensuring all the data privacy, even if – Allah forbids – I lost my physical storage in whatever forms that I have now.

I guess I should have done that a long time ago, even with the chapters I’m writing. It’s fairly very easy and up to a limit of 1 GB, everything (well most of everything) can be uploaded for free. I am using Google, since I have an account with them. There are basically a whole lot more place/space you can do it in the web, some with a small amount of premium per-annum/month. Happy saving!

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