History Lessons

Apparently the contextual chapter of my study is rather complicated to write than I initially expected. Imagine trying to cramp the whole historical background of Malaysian Family Laws into only one chapter and  be sensitize to the fact that some (or most) examiners will have no idea of how Malaysian legal system is structured. So how do you actually do that?

It’s also not very helpful finding out how ‘different’ some ‘mat salleh’ or ‘outsiders’ described and analysed Malaysia’s historical background. I may sound naive, but had I not pursue my PhD, I wouldn’t even grasp how these foreigners perceived Malaysia. Although some may be bias, but there are writers that actually present it (Malaysia’s History) as it was (and is), no reservations.

So as you research Malaysia’s past stories you’ll get another picture painted of how Malaysia come into being, a variant than the one we learnt in our school days textbooks. Incorporating these slightly different point of views, although not compulsory, makes a balanced overview of Malaysia’s history.

I wonder though, when people say ‘the truth will set you free’, whether such will be applicable for Malaysian nowadays if they were to be presented with a reconstructured history lessons, which these foreigners considered as the ‘truth’. Are we ready for the truth? But then again, how sure are we the ‘truth’ is actually true? 😉

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