Health Scare

My content-expert supervisor, LM is not doing so well. SB my main supervisor claimed he had a ‘health scare’ and left it at that and refused to confide in me what is it all about…arghhhh…I believe I should know, so I know how scared I should be huwaaaaa…. really this PhD is my life now.

So I did what all good students would do, wished their professors well (and probe at the same time). I emailed him a nice ‘get well’ wish, and did not expect a reply. Because sincerely, I am hoping that he’s in the pink of health.

And yesterday my worst fears was confirmed. He wrote that he’s still considering his ‘options’ 😦 The most likely outcome is surgery in the next month or so, followed by about a 6 weeks recovery period…huwaaaaaa…… He hoped by then to be in a position to assist me in writing up the thesis (how nice of him).

And me still being the good student that I am (wink..wink…isk..isk..) insisted that he concentrates on getting better (though, I still have no idea what is he suffering from) and not to worry about me. Sure this PhD is my life currently, but I definitely don’t want it to be a health hazard for myself and others. I will get there eventually, hopefully with the assistance of all my supervisors, Insya Allah.

PhD – No Country for Old Men (and Women) 😉

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