Data Analysis 2 – Juggling Jargon

Seriously, there are just too many things on my mind, half are not even PhD related. And with the children back at school, I am actually exhausted from running around from one school to another. At the moment (still in Phd mode) I am not one of those parents who joined in with a sigh of relief when the school holidays end. Personally, I preferred them to stay home, which is equivalent to more me time at the office he..he..he… how selfish of me 😉

Anyway, I have started with my data analysis. It’s taken a slower pace, since I have to familiarise myself with all the jargons that all this ‘mat salleh’ and their counterparts invented. I guess because they only speak one language, so they have to ‘flowerise’ all the terms to make the language complicated ha..ha..!

What’s a code? Why don’t they just call it a label? Is a category equivalent to a theme? When does a code or category becomes a theme? Do you have to take a positivist or ‘interpretivist’ stance? How to tell others that you are not bluffing? And the list goes on…. But when you actually get the hang of it, it definitely made your paper/article/chapter looks ‘professional’. So I guess it’s a good thing. Still, attaching a lay definition to every other terms are time and ‘brain space’ consuming. Seriously, I AM TIRED!!

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