Having found the framework from which my data analysis is going to be analysed, I paused to reflect on several other aspects of my thesis. One reason was because I was getting overwhelmed by the amount of writing I am supposed to finalised. This of course does not include the data analysis itself!!

So I tried to have a go at the ‘storyboard’ my supervisor keep mentioning in the last few meetings with him. But it does not really matter how hard I ‘look’ at it, the flow does not seem to make sense. I have the story, the plots and all, but I still cannot see how am I supposed to tell this story and gage my audience. I brainstorm with a friend, and saw some light. But I’m still lost in properly ‘linkaging’ each chapters.   

A very good tip is always to browse other completed thesis, which are abundance in the library. And the best thing is – you can borrow them all!! Not only that, some are in digital forms (Pdf) which I can just print, the whole thing I might add, from the comfort of my office room. This facility is one of the most favourable review I can give the library system in Australia. My experiences dealing with thesis at Malaysian libraries were the complete opposite, of course. You are not allowed to bring them out of the library, and in some worst case scenario, you are not even allowed to photocopy them, OMGWTH!!

Ok, enough ‘mild version profanities’ 😉 I have finally arrived at my first storyboard aka thesis structure. Although there may change throughout the next few months, but for now my writing can be guided with the structure and will hopefully cause less headache when I finally put all of them together, Insya Allah. Ok friends, remember – head to the library, especially if you have one like mine!

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