Finding the ‘Right’ Journal

The Prime Minister’s entourage to Melbourne recently also included the Minister of Higher Education and the big boss of the Ministry. One of the issues highlighted by the postgraduate respresentatives was why the ministry only allowed and funded students from this part of the world to present papers in the Asian region, instead of the US, UK and what not?

And the answer was, because they’d prefer the students to put more efforts towards getting published in refreed publications. The same sentiment was highlighted by a few colleagues back home. I guess it’s time to put serious thought into the matter. So upon browsing around I found a very ‘neat’ web especially for finding law journals that actually “allow authors to find law journals by subject, country, or journal rank (where available), to display journal editorial information, and to facilitate an author’s article submission to those journals”

For a wider scope of subject matter,  the Journal Citation Reports (JCR) – is an excellent place to start looking for the right journals for you, complete with their impact factor!!

Hmmm…now, if only I could start writing them ;-P…

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