Data Analysis 4 – Circles & Time

I guess it’s normal to go in circles in research. To go back and forth. To go here and there, left and right. Or to get totally lost at times, before eventually, achieving the main aim i.e. to have the research come full circle.

My data analysis has finally took off, in the right direction (Insya Allah), after hitting some walls (with grafitti on them) and going around some back alleys (with lurking rats and stray cats!). I now acknowledged that, there’s no short cut to it. There’s no way you’ll get it right the first time. And the beauty of it, that’s the way you learn.

Now, my worst enemy is myself and my time management. Nothing else will bring me down, but myself. How I manage my life and my work now matters the most. I don’t need more time, I just need to manage and arrange what I have in my hand. No excuses! There’s always going to be 24 hours in a day, it has always been that for the past thousand years. So nothing I do now can change that fact. But what I do most with what’s left in my hand will be the deciding factor whether I finalised this project or not, in time for another change in my life. I have to strive now –  striving to be Istiqamah!

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