Well, I found my motivation in the Prophet’s life, of course. In fact, I found several good books in the library about the Chosen One. Maybe, once done, I will review them. One especially by Tariq Ramadan really touched my heart. Tariq’s writing was ever so soothing to the heart.

Anyway, in the mean time, I wanted to highlight an online program I am currently using for improving my writing – GRAMMARLY.

So I think by today, it’s almost common knowledge that, my supervisor is a pedantic person. Hence, I really wanted to make his time reviewing my chapters a breeze and happily help me finish my thesis on time. So far that campaign (to let me finish on time) is ongoing! Nevertheless, I have to keep on trying. GRAMMARLY, cost me around USD8 a month, charged at an annual rate. Considering that AUD is higher than USD nowadays, I think the price is a bargain and the program more than want I bargained for 😉

GRAMMARLY is very thorough. But please be warned, it only check your grammar and made a few suggestions for synonyms and what not. It doesn’t tell you most of the time whether you sentence make sense in a paragraph and of course cannot check the most important problem in thesis writing – cohesion! But still, for me it’s a great help. It even tells me when to put a comma or leave it 😀

Check it out and give it a free try – for 7 days to decide whether it’s for you. All the best in writing to all my thesis writing fraternities!

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