Thesis Writing Support Circle

After attending a few writing circle sessions conducted by 2 lecturers from the Academic Language and Learning (ALL) Unit, La Trobe University, several of  my Malaysian friends, and I felt that the program is really helpful in improving thesis writing and also in emphasizing the reality involved in writing the thesis itself. So we’ve decided to start a group of our own, a “Thesis Writing Support Circle” in our quest to focus on our thesis writing. The main aims of the group are to:

  • To act as a motivation avenue in writing and completing your thesis
  • To challenge you into writing (something, anything!) through a frequent peer review of your writing and boost your confidence in writing
  • To share and  practice the tools and approaches in improving thesis writing.

So far, we’ve had commitments from about eight students already. I really hoped the “Support Circle” will be able to contribute in assisting in thesis writing – to actually write, to start somewhere, and to go from there towards completion of the thesis. What I have in mind is something like what the University of Warrick had designed for their postgraduate program, see link for further info.

 I will be updating on our progress from time to time.

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