Automatic Email Forwarding

Did you know that you can forward all your emails received in one account to another? Well, I know this for quite some time when Gmail allowed me to forward all mails received there to my Yahoo account. But I did not know that ‘formal’ email accounts, including LOTUS NOTES and Outlook can do the same thing. I just needed to change the rules of how I received my emails in the tools/settings of each account.

I think this tips is helpful. The reason being, is, I found it cumbersome to keep track of both my formal accounts, one with the uni and another my Malaysian work emails. Not only are they difficult to assess sometimes when I am ‘out of range’, but they also have funny login ID and password.

Now that I have forwarded all my emails from my other accounts into my Yahoo, I can assess my emails from just one place. Sweet! It actually saves lots of time, especially for people like me who have a ‘bad’ habit of wanting my inbox to be ‘zero’ everyday 😉 But of course, from time to time, I will still need to check upon all those ‘other’ accounts ;-D

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