Thesis Writing – Cohesive Markers

Alhamdulillah, so far our thesis writing group is going on well. Yesterday, we met for the second time and started reviewing our writing. I personally think it’s a fruitful sharing of information on how to improve our writing. At the very least, we know where is our ‘usual’ weaknesses in writing.

Anyway, for our second meeting we also discussed on the topic – ‘cohesion’. How to actually make one paragraph to another paragraph ‘connect’ or ‘relate’. It’s very difficult for writers with English as their second language, of course. Amongst the suggestion is to use a ‘storyboard’ and even draft that storyboard in Malay initially, before trying to put things down in writing. Some example of cohesive markers usage in ‘transiting’ one idea to another idea in our writing were explored. One very good sample of Cohesive Markers here, should always be pasted near your work station. In my view, it’s very helpful in diversifying your choices of words too. 

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