Finally after almost 6 months, I got to meet my main supervisor, LM, today along with my co-supervisor, SB. LM had been on sick leave for the last couple of months and had recently went through an operation.  Although, I am not as close to him compared to my other supervisor, SB, we have a workable supervisory relationship. This goes on even though he had left the university to work with the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS). SB will always vet my work, before I eventually passed them to LM, who would usually agree with any recommendation and changes made. If he had any disagreement, being the psychologist that he is, he would voice it up in a civil and persuasive manner 😀 and we’ll go on from there to incorporate his suggestions. So the three of us has been working well together.

LM  is very nice,  a Professor with lots of interesting experiences and I actually like him very much. So to find out that he’s suffering from a very serious health problem is very alarming. Of course, if I wanted to be self-centred, the first few thoughts would be – ooo no! what’s going to happen to my PhD now. Well, can’t say it never crossed my mind, but I can seriously empathize with his predicament. One month after surgery, instead of further leave, he had chosen to come back to work, because, partly there’s a lot of ‘work’ waiting for his expert opinion, including mine.

When we met today, I am glad to see that he looks good for someone back from a very recent surgery. I can see a fine tint of facial haggard, but he claimed he felt much better nowadays.  In fact, he even managed to make some very good input on one of my findings chapter in less than 4 days. So that’s good news, indeed, for now he has returned to his ‘busy’ self :-D.

That also means that, instead of pleasing one supervisor, I am now back to attending to two minds and perspectives. Not an easy task. There’s just too many angle to look at. Too many things to juggle. Not only PhD, but life as a whole. SB, today, also requested I formalized my ‘evacuation plan’ from Australia… He detests, ‘remote sensing’ kinda supervision, so that factor needed to be taken into consideration when making future plans here. the mean time, while the prognosis for LM’s condition post-surgery is good, my PhD prognosis seems rather blurry (and exhausting). May Allah give me and the rest of colleagues guidance, inspiration, patience and persistence. Insya Allah. Amin

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