Back to the drawing block

I think in between chapters, it’s a good idea to a take a mini break from writing. In my experience, it’s very counter productive to push ahead after one chapter is drafted. All my brain wires is still tangled and fused together in one area and trying to drag them into another idea altogether doesn’t seem to be working very well. So a break is good – a short one, not too long, or else you’ll be totally lost.

So after one week of joining ‘Dr Who’ is his space adventures and another week following him back to earth, I am now back to the drawing block for my next chapter – A Review of the Australian Family Dispute Resolution Model. Alhamdulillah, I found 3 articles to suit ‘my drawing’ and for the next few weeks will be doing some ‘sketching’ and ‘resketching’ until the whole picture is drawn. Insya Alllah, I hope to settle the first draft by the end of next month. 

A/T: I kinda like Dr Who – I wondered why I have never taken him seriously before. He’s kinda like Merlin – whom I also loved ;-P

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