Academic Visit

It was a busy and exhausting couple of days, partly because I had to ‘moonlight’ at the university’s residential services to gather some more funds for my Istanbul trip. Earlier in the week, I had to finalise the conference payment, so I am officially broke! Not to mentioned that my ‘sides’ activity was almost causing me broke my back! Well, all in the day’s work.

Mid week, I was assisting a colleague from Malaysia, Kak Ezan who was in Melbourne to gather some information for her PhD research. She had requested to meet my supervisor LM, at the AIFS. So I accompanied her to the Institute on Tuesday morning and went through the whole interview with both of them. I got some interesting information from the interview, too 🙂

After the Interview

Later, we visited the University Melbourne’s Law Faculty. Kak Hidayah spared some time to show us around the faculty. We were hoping that we could meet Zaidi, a former colleague when all 3 of us were staff of the IIUM Matriculation centre. He’s here on his sabbatical leave. Unfortunately, he was not at his office. The faculty,  in my view, was generating a ‘serious’ vibe. I think partly because it was the examination week and maybe because it’s just my feeling – for I have been too long in the Public Health Department ;-D

After Kak Ezan and her husband left for Malaysian Hall, I dropped by Imran’s and Noreen’s office at the Department of Information System. I had a nice tea break with Noreen and Sri Devi, discussing partly on Sri’s upcoming thesis completion seminar. I am happy to report that it went well for her :-). I think University Melbourne put a very tight grip on all their candidates. They had, I think, to present their studies 3 times throughout their candidature. It could be a good thing with all the supports of their supervisors. But it also could be a bad thing, if the candidates are left on their own. Well, I personally feel it’s a good thing. A ‘pulas telinga’ kinda pressure. At least, you know sooner rather than later, if your study is not up to standard.

Anyway, thanks to Imran and Noreen who drove me home, because it was exhausting jumping on and off the public transport. I don’t even know how these people do it, day in and day out. Salute to all of them! But I would rather stick with my daily commute from Barnes Way for all that matter. 😀

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  1. ~hazel Nut~ says:

    ~waa…I’m so proud & taksub that me and wifey are mentioned~

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