A Taste of ‘Busyness’

This month, I had the taste of what’s going to be the case if I returned home before I finalized the thesis. I would be busy doing other things, other works to be done, other people to entertain and please, other schedules to follow. It’s a distraction, which I sometimes guiltily welcomed, especially when you are bordering on the verge of insanity and bankruptcy! (And you have no choice too ;P)

I even missed my dateline of updating in this blog once a week. Can’t even think of anything to write last 2 days. What more with editing my latest findings chapter. Too busy with other things, as my ‘PhD life’ passed me by. As John Lennon sang – Life is what happens to you while you‘re busy making other plans. How true 🙂 It gets worst in PhD life, because it’s counted in dog years, well, at least in my opinion…sigh…

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