Academic Visit 2

Last Monday, I was assisting a Masters student from UKM, Nurul Diana, attached under the Outbound Mobility Program between Malaysia and Australia. Diana is interested to research generally how campus life affect students’ overall health.

Dr Ruzita talking to Mr Supervisor, while Diana waiting for her turn :-)...

While in Melbourne, she opted to be under the internship of the School of Public Health, specifically under my supervisor, SB. My supervisor was actually the mentor for Diana’s current supervisor, Dr Ruzita, also from UKM, who were attached to the School for 6 months during her PhD candidature a few years back 😀

Anyway, Diana’s study required her to investigate how LTU managed their colleges. She was hoping she could get some information on several aspects of students livelihood in campus. But with no earlier appointment and ethical clearance, on her own, it would be almost impossible for her to get anything out of the mouth of the residential officers. So I used my contacts as a long time resident and a residential assistant to introduce her to several staff in the residential office. Alhamdulillah, one of them, Hazel, a staff of over 27 years at LTU was very helpful in answering all her queries.

Later, I brought her for a tour of the colleges in campus and before meeting with Dr Ruzita and her family who were also in Melbourne together with Diana to attend a conference in the city. Dr Ruzita was hoping to catch up with SB while she’s in Melbourne, which she eventually did :-D, when they all dropped by the School to see him. I thought it was a productive day for them, especially Diana. I sincerely hope that she got an overview of what she was looking for by being in Melbourne, and especially from the LTU experience.

All the best to all of them!

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