Much Ado About ‘Discussion’

In a bit to finalize a few loose ends before my conference, I manage to squeeze another meeting with my supervisor, LM, last Tuesday. My main aim was to trying to get some basic idea on “How I should go about discussing the findings?”. The followings were a summary of his suggestions:

  1. Simply call it Discussion.
  2. Try to stand back and think about all this individual recommendations and so on, to see, how you got people coming from various directions – some of them will have mentioned certain things, and not others, and that’s inevitable.
  3. It’s up to you now to do a synthesis of not only what these respondents are saying, but you’ll also have the opportunity to look at other research and put all of them together.
  4. You are also in the position in the final chapter to stamp your own authority on this. You have got to stay with the data, but you are entitled to ask the question what do all this data really mean?
  5. You are entitled to be a bit speculative as long as you make it clear in the writing that you are trying to stay as true as you can to the research findings. It’s a fun chapter, often a difficult one, but it’s the fun one – say what you want to, so long as you can back it up and so long as if you want to be speculative, you make it clear in the writing, that this part is my own speculation.
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