Somebody told me about Scrivener. It looks interesting and very helpful in managing thoughts and ideas. However, I figure it’s a bit too late in my thesis to reap its full benefits, and further I have pay to keep using it after the first 30 days trial.

So I went on searching for something equivalent to the application. And I remembered my OneNote program, which has been lying low on my laptop for the past 9 months.  OneNote is a program bundled with your Microsoft office suite. You’ll generally have it on your PC, if the program installed on the PC is a Microsoft 2007 or 2010 package. But I really love the 2010 one that I had on my laptop. A major difference is, with OneNote 2010, you can docked your Word file with OneNote simultaneously.

So what is OneNote? Well, Microsoft calls it a ‘filing cabinet, but only better’ – well in my view heaps better – that is, if you know how to make full use of it :-D. It is actually a digital notebook. Microsoft highlights 10 top reasons why you should try it. One blogger even suggested a way of using it for the whole PhD Thesis here.

I don’t want to be overwhelmed by the whole program, so I initially tried it in restructuring my Discussion Chapter and it has really help a lot in getting me to see the bigger picture and later rearrange my thoughts according to my ‘tabs’ or section of my chapter.

For further review and demo of the program, check this out.

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