…and also

Today, I ran my writing through Grammarly again. Plain lazy to do it actually, because it usually took a while to finish. I would have preferred my beloved supervisor does it ha..ha..ha..

But I wanted to gain less harassment from him and more pointers, so I reviewed my chapter in the program anyway. Aduhai! took half a day for 16 pages.

These are my favourite mistakes yang di’tegur’ oleh Grammarly:

I always..always…write – and also. heee..ini adalah direct translation drpd dan juga lah kut. In english, this is considered as redundant writing. I have to choose either to write and or also. Not ‘and also’ hu..hu..hu kurang lah word count ku 😉

One more phrase, I am in love with is this – ‘…xyz need to … that there is a need to…‘ Sometimes soooo lah many in a paragraph. So this is also called redundancy!

And Grammarly always said: my sentences are WORDY! ha..ha..ha at least ada lah jugak hasilnya I read law for 7 years. So eventually I always need to cut things down. Trim here and there. Sometimes they look rather simple, but that is required of me. Direct to the point. Stop beating around the bush. Just say it!

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One Response to …and also

  1. epurser says:

    Hi there – I just stumbled upon your very lovely blog about your PhD journey! What a nice idea. I encourage my thesis writing students to blog about their language learning journey as international students in Australia, so I really enjoyed seeing someone else doing this ‘off their own bat’ as it were 🙂
    I wanted to reply to this post of yours specifically, because I’m interested in your experience with this Grammarly software. I teach academic writing at another Australian university, and advise my students to use Phrasebank (glad you find that useful!) – but I never advise them to use Grammarly, so I am wondering whether you would recommend it or not, and why? To me it seems to give very strange advice, and to really be trying to make money out of users rather than help. For example, when I test it by putting some of my writing in (and I am a very fluent, native speaking academic who makes no ungrammatical sentences!) – Grammarly tells me my writing is full of errors… that it can suggest corrections for if I pay them whatever it is per month for access… so on that basis, I tend to tell my students to keep away from it!
    So have you found it helpful or does its advice confuse you further about English sometimes?
    I’d love to chat with you about it, and your blogging experience and how that helps you as an academic writer…
    Best wishes,
    – Emily

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