In Malaysia, at this time of the year, I won’t even be here. But I am not in Malaysia, am I??? Arrr sungguh sedih sekali 😦 So, on the 2nd of Syawal, I received my Discussion chapter back from the big boss. he was not that impressed. It’s too chatty! he said. Ha..ha..ha maybe I ‘terkenan’ with my blog writing style.

He said doing research is always the easiest part, but putting down everything in writing is the hardest part of doing research. Sometimes you may do very good work, but it falters when it is poorly written and represented. Absolutely true! That’s why there’s rampant practice of ‘boncengan gratis’ nowadays, because a lot of people preferred to do the research but not the writing part.

Well, in my defence, I was in a hurry. Not to mention writing in the month of Ramadhan, can be very exhausting. So I figured, I will just jot down all my thoughts first and work my way in turning them into a formal and academic expressions in the next draft. However, he said having them in writing is actually a job well done. But more is expected in the process of polishing the chapter.

In a way, I knew the chapter was not up to the required standard of my supervisor. But I submitted it anyway because I wanted immediate feedback. And knowing his level of ‘pedanticity’, it’s better for the chapter to be in earlier than later. I wanted to let him have some fun with it, you know…let him show his skills he..he..he.. make him feel good. Then, in the next round, I will go in for the kill ;-P Semoga dipermudahkan, Insya Allah. Amin.

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