Graceful & Grateful

I have now tested the waters of the ‘real’ publication world. And after almost 4 monts of waiting, my paper was gracefully rejected he..he..he..Well, that’s what you got if you tried one of Harvard’s Journal 😉 

Anyway, my paper was found inappropriate due to several reasons:

1) My study sample is quite small,  even for a qualitative, exploratory study, this would seem to be insufficient for publication in a journal such as Negotiation Journal. (Aduh ni ayat bangga dan bongkak nih ha..ha..ha.. Well, it is small, because it is a cross section of my study)

2) The findings seem to be predictable. And while such confirmatory findings should interest the relevant policymakers in Malaysia, the readers would expect more depth and insight. (Really??)

These are the reviewers’ suggestions:

1) A greater consideration of the specific Malaysian context: what are the specific structures, expectations, practices, attitudes (judicial, legislative, statutory, economic, cultural, anthropological) that would help or hinder the establishment of mandatory divorce mediation in Malaysia?

2) How are Malaysian courts, Malaysian families, Malaysian communities different from or similar to those places in which such mandatory programs exist and seem to work?

3) What practices from other places could be adapted successfully in Malaysia? Which practices should be avoided?

4) What are typical divorce and custody procedures in Malaysia today? To make my arguments make sense to readers, I thus need to provide more context of the current reality that you would propose to change.

The problem is – all those suggestions is the whole of my thesis! How lah…how lah… am I supposed to squeeze everything within their word limits.

But I am grateful that there’s no comments on the presentation of the paper, which meant it’s clean and polished. The suggestions also gave me an indication on how the whole thesis should sum up to my examiners. If I manage to point out all those factors in the thesis, then I am good to go!

On a different note, I think I have sent the paper to an inappropriate journal, in terms of the scope of the subject matter and category of readers.  So now I have to go hunt for a more suitable one. How……there’s a just too many out there, the thing is you can’t send one paper to a couple of journals at once. hmmm…


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